thika (Makongeni)

Gatuanyaga / Munyu Block 3/2 (Phase 1)

These are in Thika, Makongeni area, 3km from the Thika Army Barracks (Engineering Battalion) and 7 KM from Weiteithie shopping centre opposite Mangu High School, off Thika Superhighway to the proposed Greater Eastern by-pass.
This phase was sold to Stima Investment Sacco who purchased 100 acres of the phase.

Gatuanyaga / Munyu Block 3/2 (Phase 2)

This is 50 acre piece of land subdivided into ¼ acres (100 by 100) @ 1.2M. 20 acres bought by Tarda Housing Co-operative Society. Boarders the Buffalo Hills and Leisure  Gold Village,  proximity to a police station, it’s a stone throw to the proposed Greater Eastern by-pass, serviced plots (water and feeder access murram roads), Link roads (Class “A” ) from  Thika superhighway via Weiteithie (Opp Mangu High School) under construction to the proposed Greater Eastern Bypass.