athi River

We have 8 projects in Athi River located near Kinanie center just 8km from Mombasa road. This land is sub divided into 1/8ths (50 by 100 ft.) parcels of land. The land is neighboring house developments and people are settling in nearby thus making it ideal for building a home. This parcel of land is just a few kilometers from Kinanie center. Neighboring our project is Athi holiday INN hotel. There is also Kinanie Model Health Center and schools are nearby the project, like Kinanie primary and secondary school in Kinanie center.

Water and Electricity are within the vicinity. All weather roads separating the parcels of land. Come now and grab a piece of this magnificent prime project.

Project 1:

Our first project was 40 acres. This project boarder’s project 9. The current plot owners have developed the land immensely by constructing residential homes, shops, green houses and fishponds. Installed water and electricity. 

Project 2:

This being our second project was a 10 acre land subdivided into quarter acre plots near Lukenya Girls Center of Excellence. The plots are less a kilometer to Lukenya Girls center of Excellence and the greater Eastern By-pass cuts across the project.

Project 3:

This was our third project, 40 acre piece of land approximately a kilometer from project 1. 

Project 4:

Our fourth project was 10 Acres subdivided into 50 by 100 (1/8th acre) plots located approximately 1 km from Kinanie Market. The project is direct opposite the Athi inn Resort. Installed Water, sewer way and electricity.

Project 5:

Commercial plot (40 by 80) at Joska off Kangundo Road in the heart of Ndovo-ini shopping Centre which is approximately 7 kilometers from Kangundo road. The land is sandwiched between Ndovoini Centre Hospital, shops and residential homes. Availability of adequate water supply (boreholes). Accessible all weather roads and proximity to educational institutions. The cost per plot is Kshs 250,000.

Project 8:

A 10 acre plot was our 8th project which is on sale. It is subdivided into 50 by 100 plots at Kshs.250,000/= and opposite project 1 at the furthest corner. The proposed Greater Eastern By-pass beacons are 500 meters away from the project.

Project 9:

18 acre land subdivide into 50 by 100 plots. The project boarders our project 1 to the right. The upcoming Illulue Golf  course Estate and the proposed Greater Eastern By-pass are few meters away from the project. Availability of water, electricity and feeder roads.

Project 10:

106 plot each measuring 50 by 100 (Mavoko Town Block 3/33221). The land is close to project 3,1 and 9.